Knife bin installed in Harrow

A knife bin was installed in Harrow to take dangerous knives off the streets. It has been funded by the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board and was installed in the grounds of the Methodist Church in Wealdstone. The board and Harrow Council hope it will encourage the safe and anonymous disposing of knives across the borough.

The bin has been installed with the support of Harrow Council, the Metropolitan Police, the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board and Word4Weapons. The bin is located in a quiet area of the Church away from any CCTV cameras to encourage people to dump the weapons. The safe and secure bin is provided by Word4Weapons and has been successful across the UK in reducing the numbers of knives on the street. Word4Weapons have worked with a number of other Councils across the UK.

Toks Odofin, Minister of the Cornerstone Church and Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board member in Wealdstone said:
"Carrying a knife is dangerous and to make installing this bin our first action as a board shows our clear intention to take these off the street. Knives blight lives and carrying one comes with a severe consequences. A lot of time knives are carried because of bravado, but it can go horribly wrong very quickly.

"These bins are a safe and anonymous way of taking knives off the street where they can do no further harm."

The bin cost £3,500 which was provided by the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board. The bins are emptied regularly and any knives will be melted down and used to make memorials for the victims of crime.

A Harrow Council spokesperson said:

"Harrow has one of the lowest crime rates across London and incidents of knife crime are rare. However, we have seen a number of worrying incidents of knife crime in the area in recent weeks. The funding provided by the Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board to purchase this bin will prove useful in taking dangerous weapons off the streets preventing their use.

"I have already seen how the bins have been used across the country with striking results."