The board meets formally every quarter. These meetings are held in public, where anyone is able to attend to listen the meeting. At the close of the meeting they are welcome to speak individually to board members, although this is subject to available time at the end of the meetings. The board meetings take place quarterly to ensure appropriate planning and monitoring of community engagement activities. An annual public meeting will be held once a year.

Board Meetings that have taken place are outlined below, with downloadable minutes and the datapack with crime statistics for Harrow.

Upcoming meetings:
Further 2016/17 meetings have yet to be set but dates, once agreed, will be made available on the website.




Wednesday 31st May 2017

Tuesday 12th April 2017

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Tuesday 5th April 2016

Monday 12 May 2014

This was an introductory meeting for the board to meet each other and to begin discussions relating to how they would move forward to achieve their aims and objectives.