Harrow Organisations

Age UK Harrow
Serves the interests of all older citizens of the London Borough of Harrow, from all walks of life and ethnic communities. It provides a wide range of services, from information about an extensive breadth of issues of interest to older people, to volunteering opportunities and support for those who are housebound and isolated.
Telephone: 020 8861 7980
Email: enquiries@ageukharrow.org.uk
Website: www.ageuk.org.uk/harrow/

Harrow Anti-social Behaviour Unit
Investigates Anti-social behaviour complaints.
Telephone: 0845 3714110
Email: asb@harrow.gov.uk
Website: www.harrow.gov.uk/info/200030/crime_and_nui...

Harrow Association of Disabled People
Aims to promote and bring about inclusion and equality for all disabled people in all areas of life.
Email: general@had.org.uk
Website: http://www.had.org.uk/

Harrow Carers
Offer services to support unpaid carers.
Telephone: 020 8868 5224
Email: admin@harrowcarers.org
Website: www.harrowcarers.org

Harrow Citizen's Advice Bureau
Provides information and advice to anyone living in the borough. They provide information and advice on problems including legal issues. Whatever your problem, they will try to help you or find someone who can.
Telephone: 020 8427 9477
Website: www.harrowcab.org.uk

Harrow Community Champions
This is a Harrow Council and the Metropolitan Police initiative and volunteers are recruited to inform council/ police about everyday street level nuisances such as litter, graffiti, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour and street lighting.
Email: neighbourhoodchampions@harrow.gov.uk
Website: www.harrow.gov.uk

Harrow Community Safety Unit (Police)
The Harrow Community Safety Unit has dedicated staff who receive special training in community relations, including local cultural issues. They investigate domestic violence, homophobia, transphobia, racism and criminal offences where a person has been targeted because of their perceived race, faith, sexual orientation, or disability.
Harrow Police Station, 74 Northolt Road, South Harrow, HA2 0DN

Harrow Council
A source of information and advice on matters affecting the local community.
Website: www.harrow.gov.uk

Harrow Equalities Centre
A human rights and equalities body that promotes justice and equality and opportunity between individuals and groups of people from different backgrounds.
Email: mail@harrowequalitiescentre.org.uk
Website: http://harrowequalitiescentre.org.uk/

Harrow Fire Brigade
Provide advice on fire safety at home and in the community and can assist in providing items such as smoke alarms, arson proof letterboxes and fire retardant bedding for vulnerable smokers.
Website: www.london-fire.gov.uk/FireSafetyCentre_HarrowFSC.asp

Harrow Law Centre
Harrow Law Centre provides a free and independent legal advice service to people who live or work in the London Borough of Harrow.
Email: info@harrowlawcentre.org.uk
Website: http://harrowlawcentre.org.uk/

Harrow Mencap
Their purpose is to work with and represent people with learning disabilities and their families and carers to ensure their needs, rights and aspirations are met.
Email: mencap@harrowmencap.org.uk
Website: http://www.harrowmencap.org.uk/

Harrow Refuge Forum
The umbrella organisation for refugee and minority ethnic community organisations in Harrow, providing expert support services to this sector as well as a unified voice at a local, sub-regional and regional level.
Email: Info@harf.org.uk
Website: http://www.harf.org.uk/

Harrow Shopmobility
A scheme that provides the loan of batter-powered scooters, wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs to anyone with a limited mobility on a daily basis, and manual wheelchairs for up to 3 weeks.
Telephone: 020 8527 1200
Website: http://www.harrowshopmobility.org/index.html

Harrow Women's Centre
Provides services that support and empower Harrow women in need, hardship and distress to reach their full potential.
Telephone: 020 8422 1100
Website: http://www.harrowwomenscentre.org/

Harrow-on-the-Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team
Telephone: 020 8721 2986
Email: Harrowonthehill.snt@met.police.uk

Mind in Harrow
A mental health organisation that provides a range of services to people experiencing mental health difficulties.
Telephone: 020 8426 0929
Email: info@mindinharrow.org.uk
Website: http://www.mindinharrow.org.uk/

Roxeth Safer Neighbourhood Team
Telephone: 020 8721 2894
Email: Roxeth.snt@met.police.uk

Voluntary Action in Harrow
They provide support, advice and services to local community groups, charities and co-operatives.
Email: contact@voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk
Website: http://www.voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk/

National Organisations

Community Safety Partnerships
Community safety partnerships (CSPs) are made up of representatives from the police,local authorities, fire and rescue authorities, probation service and health. The responsible authorities work together to protect their local communities from crime and to help people feel safer. They work out how to deal with local issues like antisocial behaviour, drug or alcohol misuse and reoffending. They annually assess local crime priorities and consult partners and the local community about how to deal with them.
Website: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/reducing-and-preventing-crime--2/supporting-pages/community-safety-partnerships

IAGs Independent Advisory Groups
Play a vital role to improve the quality of service the Police provide to individuals and communities. A full list of IAGs are on the Metropolitan Police website.
Website: http://content.met.police.uk/Site/iag

Independent Custody Visitors
Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs) are members of the local community who volunteer to visit police stations unannounced to check on the treatment and welfare of people held in police custody.
Website: http://icva.org.uk/

Metropolitan Police and Police Community Support Officers
Reporting of crime. Contacting Police:
Emergency Telephone: 999
Non-Emergency Telephone: 101
Online via website
Local Information and news from the Metropolitan Police available via website.
Website: http://content.met.police.uk/Borough/Harrow

MOPAC The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime
This is the strategic oversight body for the Metropolitan Police Service and funds the Safer Neighbourhood Boards enabling community engagement for a range of activities such as police complaints monitoring, giving a voice to victims and delivering crime prevention work.
Website: http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/policing-crime

Mothers Against Gangs
Mothers Against Gangs (MAG) is an independent support group of mothers from all backgrounds who have come together as a result of our personal experiences with family members. By using these experiences and collective knowledge we are able to support families with concerns or issues regarding young people
Website: http://mothersagainstgangs.co.uk/

National Domestic Violence Helpline 
This is a 24 hour Freephone service in partnership with Women's Aid and Refuge for those experiencing domestic violence.
Telephone: 0808 2000 247
Website: www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk

Neighbourhood Watch groups
The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a partnership where people come together to make their communities safer. Neighbourhood Watch in London is organised at Borough level. Visit their website to find the contact details for a scheme near to you, and information about joining.
Email: enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk
Telephone: 0116 229 3118
Website: www.ourwatch.org.uk

Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels
Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels are locally based, and Metropolitan Police managed, community/police engagement and consultation groups. Details about recruitment to the panels are on the Metropolitan Police website.
Website: http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Getting-Invol...

Street Pastors
Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community.
Website: www.streetpastors.co.uk

Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group
Community Monitoring Groups (CMGs)comprise community representatives who review the use of the stop and search powers and support local officers to retain trust and confidence of the communities they serve.
Website: http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Community-Mon...

Victim Support
Our trained volunteers offers, emotional support and practical information for anyone affected by crime, regardless of when the incident occurred or if you reported it to the police or not. We are a charity independent from the police, and offer a confidential service.
Telephone: 020 8965 1141
Website: www.victimsupport.org.uk

Voice UK Helpline
This is a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable people who have experienced crime or abuse.
Telephone: 0808 8028 686