Following on from the questions received by the HSNB for the Public Meeting held on Thursday 25th April 2019, we have received the response from the Police as below. A PDF copy of this can be downloaded via the following link – Public Q&A – 25th April 2019

  1. Has any progress been made on signing Harrow up to the Online Watch Link, OWL, to bring us into line with surrounding boroughs?


Answered on the evening


  1. I would like to know why it appears to be open house for drug dealers on Shaftesbury Circle and Merton Road? Merton Road has a WhatsApp group and we see it happening all the time, in the open and throughout the day. I have lots of admiration for our police and what you have to do, but you seem to be losing the battle on this one.


Drug dealing is an ongoing problem that is difficult to combat. Often the perpetrators will be in the area for a short time before moving onto another location. We would ask that residents keep communicating with the police about where and when they see this activity-taking place. If this information is passed onto the police anonymously – via crime stoppers – or in an email or phone call to the local team, then an intelligence picture can be built up and hopefully we can catch the perpetrators. The more detailed the information, e.g. clothing descriptions, car make, model, colour and registration, times, dates, exact locations then the better we can focus our attention and resources. Crimestoppers – 0800 555111. Harrow on the Hill SNT – Telephone: 0208 721 2986 Email: [email protected]


Answered by APS Cat Groome


  1. Knife crime is not a new, it has been around for years. What measures have been taken so far to reduce the crime?What evidence do you have to show that the measures taken so far have been effective?  What innovative ways are planned to further tackle the crime?


Answered on the evening



  1. After consulting with young adolescence in the BAME community, it seems safety is of paramount concern.  Where physical activities and interventions are programmed locally, respondents have highlighted being fearful when travelling to and from venues.  Can the Safer Harrow representatives provide a letter of support to organisations such as Noire Wellness submitting funding bids that help to minimise this risk?


 Unsure of the question Safer Transport Teams are there to assist with any travel safety      concerns.


Answered by Inspector Sprunks




  1. Parents insisting on driving and dropping their children at the school gates causes huge safety (speeding cars, irresponsible parking and manoeuvring) and environmental (pollution from car fumes, traffic noise) issues, in addition to nuisance to the local residents. Schools are unable / reluctant to deter parents. Local council shake it off to local police. What effective measures can responsible authority (IF ANY) should take to make the journey to schools safer and healthier and peaceful for neighbours? Who is ultimately responsible?


Answered on the evening – Council responsibility (See below on how to get in touch with the council)




  1. Kindly advise what steps are / have been taken to protect the residents and businesses in the light of the ever-escalating crime and burglaries in Hatch End and Pinner in particular and the surrounding areas.

I am unable to attend the meeting due to commitments with looking after an elderly parent but would like to receive a response / minutes of discussion via email please.


Some actions taken by local LPT’s to help reduce the overall crime picture on Pinners and Hatch End wards :

  • Following the tragic incident in Marsh Rd, Local Policing Teams provided public reassurance, and individual crime prevention to sole trader outlets and businesses to help reduce offences and make their property more secure, but within budget.
  • Attendance at public interactive meeting and voicing some updates on anti burglary – advocating, contact your local LPT for crime prevention advice, Smartwater kits.
  • Arrest of suspect for exposure in Roxbourne Park, also wanted for similar offence in Kenton, previous offender for theft.
  • Working with Pinner volunteers to help keep Pinner Police Station front office open to public and continue to issue crime prevention advice.
  • Arrest of female for dipping / theft in WH Smith, part of travelling gang of criminals.
  • Crime prevention/engagement events, Tesco, Sainburys, street briefings as advertised on LPT page on Met Police website.
  • Working with council and housing on repeat venues of Anti Social Behaviour, ‘ problem tenants ‘ – Hazeldene Dv, Anthoneys Close, and Dickson Fold, problem tennants known for burglary, thefts and drugs.
  • Two drugs warrant execution, arrest for class A and B drugs, proceeds of crime.
  • Working with Police Cadets ( Charity marathon runs/events ) and directing MSC on anti burglary patrols around Pinner and Hatch End.
  • Attendance at court and secured conviction for six fraud offences at local Pinner shop.

Cycle patrols around ward and multiple stop / searches leading to drug possession prosecutions.

  • Scam awareness talks with NatWest rep, crime prevention talks.
  • Street briefings after recent burglaries Tewksbury Ave, Cannonbury Ave, Dickson Fold, Albury Drive, Wakehams Hill, St Michaels Close and other locations offer crime prevention and reassurance. More street briefings to take place across wards.
  • Multiple stop and searches leading to prosecutions for drugs offences. Increased stop and searches.
  • Assisting volunteers with attendees at Pinner front counter who require further police action / investigations.
  • Samurai sword seizure from drugs address.
  • Working with Crown Prosecution Service to ensure court files produced for offenders on ward and securing multiple convictions for offenders, some offenders convicted of offences under Theft Act.
  • Prison intelligence talks to further develop local officers understandings of how inmates (Or ‘guests’ as they like to be called ) !, continue their offending from within prison.
  • Patrols of local parks and open areas for weapons, and exposure suspect, reassurance patrols, drugs seized.
  • Warrant executed and looking to evict vulnerable tenant who appeared to have been cuckooed.
  • Constant Twitter feeds / Next on good work and crime prevention advice.
  • Arrest and charge to court for local offender for theft and common assault at local restaurant.
  • Operation Cubo events in Uxbridge Rd and Courtney Ave, multiple cars seized for driving with no insurance and other motoring offences, also multiple vehicles stopped for speeding, detected through use of speed gun. Seizure of vehicles prevents travelling burglary suspect/s committing further offences.
  • Continued speed gun patrols, multiple stops and warnings issued, some vehicles seized for no insurance following checks.
  • Completion of patrols for burglary and from 01 Jan 2017 – 22 Mar 2017 – across both wards – 58 total burglary offences, same period 2018 – 39 offences and for this year 45, of which 4 were business thefts/burglaries, increase of 2 residential based on last year.
  • Weapon Sweeps – part of Operation Sceptre, looking for weapons stashed for future use by criminals, one knife seized in Roxbourne Park.
  • Talks to vulnerable groups with Natwest bank anti fraud/theft advisor.
  • Crime prevention stand – Libraries, Coffee with a copper, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Pinner library.
  • Talks on Harrow Radio by PCSO O’Brien, anti crime advice.
  • Harrow Mind Charity event completion, promotion of mental health charity.
  • Immigration officer assistance, raids on local addresses.
  • Drugs warrant execution, one prosecution for drugs possession, warning issued by Harrow council as council property, daughter of tenant in possession of cannabis, warrant as a result of local resident intel.
  • Further neighbour disputes dealt with and some ongoing, liaison with Mental Health and Harrow Council ASB/Housing. These matters are protracted and time consuming, as CPS advice often required, and some lead to no further interest as not in public interest to prosecute.
  • Home visits to criminals known to police who reside on the ward, and who we suspect maybe involved in crime or are vulnerable to others involved in crime, keeping tabs on individuals
  • Mental Health visits / sections of local residents under Mental Health Act, this is an area which goes un-noticed and is a significant demand on Pinner NPT resources, some residents have recent offending records.


Answered by PS Pete Law



  1. Last year our house was burgled. Main reason being our next door neighbour does not put up fence panels at the border fence for 3 years since he moved to this house. we asked neighbourhood team to let our neighbour know this. Neighbourhood team refused to do so. Now we have  no where to go for help. Why can’t you inform the responsible authority to make a law to put up border fences in every residents back garden. This will help to maintain privacy of the neighbour as well as the prevention of burglaries in the area.


It is unlikely the burglary took place just because a fence panel is down. Police cannot enforce civil law as which this is. Please speak to a solicitor regarding the fence but if you require Crime Prevention Advice, you can speak to your local Neighbourhood Team or visit the Met Police website.


Answered by Inspector Sprunks




  1. Will the Met and the Safer Neighbourhood Board support the below residents petition in principle ? If not, why not?

(Roxbourne Ward-Newton Park West (HA2 9DA) access road off Ravenswood Crescent.

“We the undersigned eligible voters in local elections petition Harrow Council to install a permanent fixed or mobile CCTV camera to cover part of Ravenswood Crescent and the access road leading to Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School and Newton Park.

The recent government Policing funding cuts has seen a reduction and consolidation of frontline policing and safer neighbourhood teams affecting the Roxbourne Ward. The results have been an increase in recent anti-social and lascivious behaviour in the green leaving dangerous waste, creating car crime, allowing illegal parking on yellow zig zag lines during enforced hours and creating a hotspot for banned substance and drugs related activity.  This impact the local residents and also render them as victims. We the undersigned compel Harrow Council under their responsibility and duty of Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, as amended by the Police and Justice Act 2006 to install a CCTV camera in the public interest and safety of Local Residents, School Children and Harrow Borough Citizens using the Newton Farm Park and School.”


Police are happy to support any Crime Prevention Initiative but I can assure you that there are many more wards suffering from similar crime, which would be likely to have priority. The council are in a similar state to the police with funding, there is no money. Individual cases should be brought to the attention of the Local Neighbourhood Police Team, who will do all they can and work in partnership with the council to try and resolve such comments.


Answered by Inspector Sprunks



  1. 2 robberies have taken place on my road. We need regular visible police presence and patrolling.

Secondly, some parents are parking in front of school gates, even though clear “Keep Clear” signs are in place. Who would be responsible to issue parking penalties to the irresponsible drivers who take no notice of the restricted parking notices.

Can a “Safer Neighbourhood” sign be displayed in our area of Eastleigh Avenue, please.


We try to provide as much of a visible presence as possible. If you have specific concerns or need any advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team. Local parking issues are the council’s responsibility. (How to contact both are below).


Answered by Inspector Sprunks




  1. Have reported countless times now, about the recent increase in gangs in the De Havilland/Warren Way Estate. We have (opening​) young men in their early 20s congregating and selling drugs in the area. What’s the Met Police and Neighbourhood Watch (NW) team doing about these recent events. Will the NW team commit to patrolling the area more frequently and follow up with the Police of arrests/reported incidents?


This area is patrolled by Barnet Neighbourhoods and not Harrow.

Re: the problems around Warren Way Estate mentioned below.

This is an ongoing problem which the Queensbury Neighbourhood Team have been dealing with for some time. There is an open VASB for this problem where all the visits and actions are recorded. The team regularly patrol the area and liaise with local residents re: their concerns. Last year we had some success with alleviating the problems by getting the local housing authority involved and working with them to remove abandoned cars where the groups were hanging around. The Housing Authority promised better CCTV, better lighting etc but unfortunately this has not been forthcoming and the problems do seem to have returned again.

I will ask my team to increase patrols in the area for a more visible presence and also we will look at plain clothes patrols and we can consider dispersal zones etc.

If you are able to give me the details for the complainant below we can make contact with them directly.

Stephanie TANN 273NW| Police Sergeant |

Queensbury, Kenton, Fryent and Barnhill Safer Neighbourhood Teams |



  1. What are you doing to ensure that the law is applied equally, without fear nor favour, to all? I reserve the right to respond, plus if necessary a supplementary question as per custom and practice.


This is difficult to answer without specifics. If someone feels that, the law has not been used correctly or fairly then they can make a complaint which is overseen by an external body called the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).


Answered by Inspector Sprunks




  1. Whilst we all appreciate the service the Police give us, there has been much publicity in regards to the cuts in budgets. The road where we live in, Bromefield, is experiencing increased criminal activity, which ‘could’ be attributed to the reduction in head count of officers and the SNT in the Ward. With the introduction of the BCU and the cuts in budget, our road (and others) are feeling increasingly more vulnerable at the moment, what comfort can you give us all that the introduction of the BCU strategy is going to allay our fears, manage the increase in crime and allow officers to attend calls in a more timely fashion or in fact at all going forward when you are stretching fewer resources over a larger area?


Belmont Safer Neighbourhood Teams regularly patrol the area of Bromefield and should any calls come out whilst they are patrolling the area they are dealt with. If you have, any specific concerns that you feel Neighbourhood Policing can help with then please contact you ward (how to do that is supplied below).

The response vehicles patrol from Wembley and Colindale and not Harrow due to the Borough merger.

Answered by PS Bolton



  1. I would like to know what measures are taken when the police themselves are the ones causing Harassment, alarm and distress to the public?


Why do officers fail to make contact when addressed regarding issues?


This is difficult to answer without specifics. If someone feels that, the law has not been used correctly then they can make a complaint, which is overseen by an external body called the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).


Answered by Inspector Sprunks





  1. The environment at harrow Wealdstone has gone worse. I see youngsters drug dealing at broad day light in ASDA car park, next to Wealdstone library, police finding knives almost everyday near the Wealdstone library. Why isn’t this looked into and dealt with. We want a safer neighbourhood for us and our children!

This is something that needs to be called in to Police when it is seen. Officers from Wealdstone and Marlborough patrol the area and have recently fined one individual for being in possession of a cannabis cigarette. It is incorrect to state that Knives are found daily by Police however regular weapon sweeps are conducted. The team are dealing with the issues throughout Wealdstone on occasions calling on extra resources to assist. 


Answered by PS Paul McCauley



  1. Why are the police not engaging with one of the only clubs in the borough that can offer an outlet for disengaged youths.

It is a proven effort that Boxing can offer another route to troubled youngsters.

It will not help with all matters however in Hertfordshire the Boxcleva project has been using a school referral system that has proven to deter some kids from a life of crime.

I know that funding has been made available to run in harrow and that our club had been chosen to deliver this project however with no engagement from the police, or harrow council safer neighbourhood dept we have not moved forward.

I am sure with more positive interaction between ourselves we may be able to offer a lifeline to some members of the community. Even if It is 1 child or 20 they are off the streets and being taught discipline, self control, are guided about the perils of drugs, gang involvement and knife crime. the club can provide clear evidence and parental statements about the positive influence it had already had on some troubled kids lives.


The police do like to engage with any organisation and Boxing has been discussed with the police and Safer Neighbourhood Board. We have to find a fine balance with our engagement strategy as some youths will not attend such places if they know the police are there.


Answered by Inspector Sprunks



  1. Why are professional beggars not being removed from harrow town centre? This is driving shoppers away to safer shopping areas and driving businesses out.


Police are moving on the beggars when police are available, their details are taken and they are removed out of the area, they are monitored by CCTV who watch them leave by bus or train.  Also members of the public encourage the beggars by giving them money which does not help the situation. Most of the beggars provide ID but do not provide addresses so it is difficult to process them. They are given warnings. The police are working with the council and the business improvement district to come up with new ways of dealing with these offences.


Answered by APS Cat Groome.



  1. Wealdstone high street is not safe & multiple stabbing has reported in last few years,  yards away from stabbing point there is closed police building.

Why police building is closed, where crime rate is high & additional police is required for safer high street ?


Wealdstone Town Centre has improved no end with extra resources and tactics being used to tackle street drinkers, drug dealers and violent crime. This is evident to all when using the town centre. Surveys have been carried out with local stakeholders and residents who confirm that the town is a long way from where it was a year ago.

The government, several years ago demanded that cuts be made to Police budgets and as a result of this the only way to make these savings was to sell off much of the service’s estate. That is the reason the Police Station is closed and sits empty.


Answered by Paul McCauley



  1. Is the rise in knife crime, aggravated burglaries and gang fights directly a result off the cut in funding for police presence & station closures in Harrow?  If so, how is this being addressed.


I cannot answer the above question as I am not a sociologist and I would expect research would have to be conducted prior to any such statement being mad. However, I can say though that Harrow Borough remains one of the safest boroughs in the Met.


Answered by Inspector Sprunks



  1. I had my card stolen from an atm in Pinner on 14th March. £500 taken from my account. I made a statement & was visited  by a PCSO. But have heard nothing since. Do you not follow up such crimes, or as no one was harmed & only financial, are criminals allowed to get away with this? Sorry not to attend the meeting but am too unwell. Mainly due to the emotional affects of the robbery as an OAP.


PC Peacock, the officer investigating the theft, will be in touch with you and provide relevant updates.  I am aware that PCSO O’Brien has already spoken with you, but PC Peacock will address your concerns and speak with you very soon.

Answered by PS Pete Law


  1. What are you going to do about the drinkers outside the church in harrow high street opposite yates..

They constantly urinate in the bushes…

And it is not a good look for the town centre..


Police cannot issue ASBO without having an address for these people. CCTV do monitor the beggars and they are dispersed on a regular basis, once police leave the area they return. It is not as simple as send them to prison. They are escorted onto public transport out of the area. They are also given warnings of their conduct and discussions are ongoing with local Enforcement officers regarding them also being able to issue fines.


Answered by APS Cat Groome



  1. Why does’nt the police give the beggars an ASBO..

they are in the town centre nearly every day..

surely this can be done..

Take them to court and when they come back take them to prison..

Also take the money of them..

Why don’t the cctv controllers report the beggars??


Police are aware of the begging problem within the town centre and working hard with the Business Improvement district to try to combat it. Both partners are thinking of SMARTER ways of dealing with this type of crime


Answered by Inspector Sprunks




  1.  In order for people to feel safer, I would like to see more police on the streets in our borough – including Pinner where I live.  Is this possible?
  2.  Is it possible to make it illegal for people to call at your house in order to sell items   ( usually men claiming to be ex-prisoners selling such things as dishcloths!


We try to provide as much of a visible presence as possible. We can offer you crime prevention advice especially around “cold calling” please get in touch with your local Safer Neighbourhood Team (Details of how is below).

Unfortunately, the police do not make the law we uphold it.



  1. Since the last meeting in NOV to discuss the police move. The results have been disappointing; the police activity and crime has increased possibly to the fact that the cars and officers are not stationed in the borough

my question for the members attending is

– The CIVIC CTR has many empty buildings and carparks that will be empty

for next few yrs until demolition;

As they are unoccupied could i building be loaned to POLICE to have a vehicle police centre for quick action to all the borough


Not for Police to answer

— END —