Modern Slavery could be present in your local neighbourhood

Victims of modern slavery are forced into slave labour through coercion or mental or physical threat.  They may have been trafficked into the UK and often work in businesses such as:

·       Car washes

·       Nail bars

·       Cafes

·       Construction

Workers with low level ‘jobs’ are exploited by criminals who take their money and channel it back into organised crime.

The police are working with the local council to prevent modern slavery and organised crime.   But they need your help. The information you give them could provide victims with a means of escape and tackle problems affecting the wider community.  Organised criminal networks cost the UK economy 37 billion pounds a year. They are responsible for a whole host of criminality including widespread drug dealing, violence, knife and gun crime.

Help us to stop modern slavery by spotting the signs:

Is someone working in poor conditions without a break?

Do they wear the same clothes every day or wear unsuitable clothes for work?

Do they appear to be under the control of someone else and not allowed to handle your money?

Do they seem to be frightened or show signs of physical or psychological abuse? Are they reluctant to talk to strangers?

Do you know of a household where a large number of adults are living in cramped conditions?

All of these could be signs of modern slavery.

If you think you have information on modern slavery, or organised crime, report it online at  In an emergency, always dial 999.



Modern Slavery Act 2015

Crime Stoppers UK (Report Crime Anonymously)